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Welcome to Von Waldberg German Shepherds!
Celebrating 42 year of breeding!

We have a great selection of upcoming litters that will be ready this Spring.
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 Our January Spotlight     

1 Pick Male & 1 Pick Female
Available & Ready to Go!

Alex von Waldberg

Allie von Waldberg

DOB: 8/22/2015

These are two very special puppies. Their mother, Chiwa, was bred in Germany and imported to us pregnant. Chiwa is a very well proven "V" rated female. She is also a full sister to Chacco, a 4 time VA male; 3 times in Germany at the World Seiger Show and VA 1 at the Netherland's Seiger Show. Alex & Allie's father, Granitt is VA, Schutzhund 3, kkl1a and come from the World reknown "Osterberger" Kennel. 

Alex is a handsome male with a nice broad chest and good bone, with big paws. He has a regal air about him and his movement is amazing, like his VA father and grandfather's before him. He has reddish brown and black color with a nice dark mask. He has a sweet and gentle nature yet is also confident and "ready to protect" at 5 months. He is everything you could ask for in a GSD pup.

Allie has rich red and black color. She has a super temperament. She is confident, playful and expressive. She has good balanced drives and great potential for the sport of Schutzhund or show. She has been raised with young children and is well mannered with them. She knows not to jump or mouth. However, she also knows when she's supposed to bite her toys and play like the puppy she is. She is highly intelligent and trainable. Whether you are considering your next family companion, a future breeding female or a specific type of "work" (agility, schutzhund, tracking, etc.); she has the capability to accomplish it all. 

Contact us at to add Alex or Allie to your home.
PhilSkoog@msn.com or 425-402-8899


Young Adult Female
Available and Ready to Go

Yacci von der Freiheit Westerholt

DOB: 09/30/2014

Are you looking for that calm, laid back dog with eyes that search your soul? Yacci (Jacki) knows and senses how you're feeling and adapts her energy to you and your mood. She is so extremely intelligent and caring. For 16 months old, she is a very calm, stable and reliable dog with a gentle demeanor but that German Shepherd confidence that you love and respect in the dog. Yacci has very good obedience. She's been raised in the home, is well socialized and great with little kids. She's very playful with the other dogs and does love her Kong toy. She does love to get out and play and romp but saves her energy for those times. Send us and email or give us a call to find out more about adding Yacci to your life.  

Contact us at to add Yacci to your home.
PhilSkoog@msn.com or 425-402-8899


Trained Adult Male
Available for Sale

Irok von der Ramhorst 
IPO 3, kkl1a, HD/ ED: Normal 
DOB: 4/22/2011

While Irok may be the most intimidating presence and a force to be reckoned with, he is also a very affectionate, loving companion. He is your ideal turn key dog. Trained and titled to the IPO 3, kkl1a level. Hips and Elbows certified Normal (excellent). One of my favorite things about Irok is his deep, intimidating bark. He always lets me know when anyone has arrived long before I see them. When told, he immediately calms down and intently watches. He is completely trustworthy. My 6 year old son feeds him, brushes him and walks him regularly. My 3 year old son pets, brushes him and loves on him. He is a very well rounded, well trained, trustworthy male. He will be your most loyal companion, protector and deterrent.

Contact us at to add Irok your home.
PhilSkoog@msn.com or 425-402-8899

Located in the Pacific Northwest, our family run operation strives to provide only the finest German Shepherds. Our Schutzhund titled breeding dogs are imported from Germany.

Find out more about our operation, the sport of "Schutzhund", our numerous titles and awards and our top dogs in this site. Then be sure to let us know when you would like one of our puppies, young adults, trained adults or trained working dogs for your family.

Our goal is always to be a
"Breeder of Distinction"

Thank you for visiting,
Phil Skoog & Family




Picolina von der Piste Trophe
PO 1, kkl1a

V- Cayo vom Fichtenschlag-Zwinger
IPO 3, kkl1a

V- Melinda vom Osterberger Land

SchH 2, kkl1a

V- Chiwa von der Freiheit Westerholt
SchH 2, kkl1a lbz

V- Irok von der Ramhorst
IPO 3, kkl1a

V- Chakira von Dacon,
IPO 1, kkl1a




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